Thursday, May 3, 2007

Project Notebook On My Computer :-)

One of the nice things about having both a personal computer and a digital camera to use is being able to photograph finished knitting, sewing and crochet projects. I can then open word, add the picture and type in notes ( or the instructions and notes if it is one of my own recipes). These can be kept in a folder in Documents (or My Documents) and can be saved on a CD as well.

The dress shown here was made using a Mary Maxim Kit which I am very pleased with. The kit included more than enough baby yarn to complete the project as well as ribbon and buttons. The buttons were tiny ones and I needed to use much larger ones ( which I happened to have in my button tin.)

The shoe booties are made from a older Annie's Attic booklet which was reissued a while back...I was glad as I had loaned my out and it was never returned. I use a G hook and follow the instructions for the small size to come out with medium (about 4 1/4) inch sole.