Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Crocheting a stretchy infant tee shirt

This green shirt with the flower attached is version one. If you crochet tightly you may wish to use a size larger hook when chaining for the neck opening. This crochet recipe is easy to adjust by adding to the starting chain and adjusting neck opening size. You can use a cotton tee shirt as a measurement guide for different sizes. This needs to be worked with a finer, soft yarn such as DK or Baby Sport.
(The same idea can be used to create a pull over long or short sleeve sweater using worsted wt yarn, however, it will be much heavier and the fabric will be thicker. )
Here are my working notes:
One piece infant tee shirt
My Working Notes

Appliqu├ęs, such as a crocheted flower or bunny, are optional

I hook and DK wt. baby yarn


Sc across (43)

Pattern Rows:
1.) begin with sc and then alternate DC and Sc across; end with a sc.
2.) Chain 2 (not used as a stitch) begin with DC and the alternate sc and Dc across ending with a DC.

Repeat these 2 rows until piece measures four-inches including base sc row.
( 12 pattern rows)
Fasten off

Join yarn with ss in first loop on opposite side of base sc row.
Chain one and sc in same loop and in next 10; chain 20 and miss 20 loops; sc in 21st loop and in each loop to end.

8 for each short sleeve

To work body of shirt work in pattern across center stitches (need odd number for sweater stitch)

With right sides together, using same yarn, sew up sides and sleeves. Place yarn needle into and through sides of stitches. Do not sew too tightly. Weave in loose ends.
Finishing neck on version one only; sc loosely around neck edge placing one sc in each shoulder seam.

Version 2:

Chain 44
Sc 43
Shoulders and neck opening:
Sc in 12 and fasten off
In 2O the Sc join yarn with a slip stitch; chain one; sc in same and it next 11;
Turn and chain one; Sc in 12; Chain 19; sc in 12 sc on opposite shoulder.
Turn and chain one; sc in each sc and in each chain across.
From here on work ‘sweater stitch’ until piece measures 4 inches from center shoulder (neck) line.
Fasten off. (11 pattern rows )

Body of shirt:
Count 2 stitches on each side and mark 9th with scrap of yarn or a bobby pin.

Mark right side of shirt with a yarn bow.

With right side facing attach yarn with slip stitch in first loop of starting chain.
Work in pattern the same as first sleeve section.
Fasten off and mark 9th stitch on each side as before.

Work in pattern across center stitches until desired length (5 or 5 ½ or 6 inches from under arm)