Monday, April 30, 2007

Finished HDC Child's Jacket !!

Finished my week end crochet from scratch project and I am very pleased with the outcome!

Did the worked on sleeves differently than planned in my notes - so that they are nicely tapered. Now to take a photo.

This will be even warmer worked in wool or a wool blend. Would like to donate these to the Children In Common knitting project, however, I don't know that they will accept crocheted garments?

My husband suggests that I make a matching hat. Good idea :-)

Here are my continued working notes:

8 hdc rows (sleeve section measures 8-inches)on row 9 I made a hdc increase before each hdc- Dc - hdc increase.

Worked 18 hdc row on body of jacket.

End with 2 sc, slip stich across on right side, ss on side of front tthen sc up side, 3 sc in corner, sc around
neck edge, 3 sc in corner, sc down front, ss at end, turn, ss in next st and sc up in each sc on side; turn, chain
one and sc back down, ss in last, turn, chain one; sc in each sc,ss in firs sc on neck edge, turn chain one and sc
down, ss in last and fasten off. This completes a firm button band.
Mark where button holes should be made.
Button hole band. Attach yarn on right side at bottom of other front. Work sc tightly up side; chain 2 and miss two
stitches for each button hole, Turn, chain one and change to smaller (H) hook; sc in each stitch, 1 sc over each
chain 2. Turn and ss in each sc up to neck (LOOSELY); ss loosely around neck and down button band.
Sleeves; I Hook ; 33 sc on right side; then work hdc rounds. I decided to not turn the rounds.On second hdc round
work hdc decrease over last 2 stitches.On 6th hdc round again decrease over last 2. On 11th round again decrease
over last 2. At end of 14th round decrease again. At end of 16th round decrease again. Work 2 more rounds. Change
to smaller H hook and work 2 rounds of sc and then a round of slip stitch.
(This recipe will also create a nice, short. 3/4 or long sleeved sleeve shirt when worked with sport or baby yarn.)
The hdc rounds spiral and leave a decorative diagonal trail which appears on the opposite sides of each sleeve. This is not unattractive and does not detract from the looks of the jacket. Gives those who look to criticize something to point out :-)

The sleeve can be folded up to form a cuff making it easy to change between a 3/4 length and long sleeve.

Now to properly write out the recipe (pattern).