Friday, April 27, 2007

Baby Boy Crochet Matinee Jacket Pattern

This little jacket is prettier in person than in the photo. This was created for a baby boy in our family circle and was inspired by matinee jackets I have knit. Ribbon ties can be used in place of the crocheted ones. I often use either the Bernat Baby Softee DK wt. yarn or the Red Heart Baby Soft which is a baby sport wt. Both are soft, come in a good variety of colors and are in a price range that is considerate of those of us who must really pinch our pennies, nickles and dimes. These are excellent quality acrylic yarns. Also, they are locally available and can be ordered on line as well.

Here is my recipe. You are invited, as always, to make your own changes.

Bernat Baby Softee DK yarn
Size G & F Hooks

G hook is for the yoke, body and sleeves.

F hook is for the sleeve edging, ties and neck edging.

With G hook Chain 41

:sc in 7, 3sc inc, sc in 4; 3 sc inc., sc in 14., 3sc inc., sc in 4, 3 sc inc., sc in last 7

ROW 2: sc across working 3 sc increase in center st of ea previous 3 sc inc,

ROW 3: Chain 2 and then DC in ea sc making a 5 DC inc. in center st of ea 3 sc inc. on previous row

ROW 4: Chain 2 and then Dc in ea DC making a 3 DC inc. in center DC of ea 5 dc inc. group.

ROW 5 to 8 : Chain 2 and then DC in ea DC making a 3 DC inc. in center of each 3 DC inc. group.

ROW 9: Arm hole row; Chain 2 and then Dc in each DC to first 3 DC inc; work 2 DC in center stitch; skip shoulder stitches; work 2 DC in center stitch of 3 DC inc.; DC in ea Dc to next 3 DC inc.; again work 2 DC in center stitch; skip over the shoulder stitches; work 2 DC in center of 3 DC inc.; DC to end of row.


ROW 10 to 19: Chain 2 and then Dc in each DC to end of row. Do not fasten off at end of last DC row. Turn and chain one to start edging.

(OR repeat ROW 10 until desired length.)

Scalloped edging:
Chain one; sc in first stitch; “chain 2 and miss next stitch; sc in next”.
Repeat between “and “.
Fasten off. Weave loose end in neatly on wrong side.

Change to a size F crochet hook.

Chain 36. (leaving a 4-inch tail)
Attach chain to bottom of first DC below the 2 sc at the neck.
Work 4 sc up to the corner (place end of hook through sides of stitches and not around them).
Work 3 sc in first beginning chain loop to turn the corner.
Sc in each chain loop around neck; working 3 sc in last chain loop.
Work 4 sc down side and one in bottom of first DC.
Chain 36 and fasten off, again leaving a 4-inch tail (OR chain 37; slip stitch in second chain from hook and in each chain; sc in each sc around neck and slip stitch in each chain) fasten off, knot ends and trim.


Join yarn with a slip stitch bottom of sleeve opening; chain one; 3 sc in side of DC and sc in each st around;3 sc along remaining edge; join with ss in first sc;(28 stitches; just be sure to have the same number of stitches on each sleeve)

Chain 3 for first DC and DC in each sc around; join with ss in 3rd chain of first sc; Continue to chain 3 and work DC rounds until there are 7 rounds on the sleeve. Join and turn as before; chain one CHANGE TO F HOOK and sc in each stitch around. Fasten off.

Work second sleeve the same way.
NOTE: I use a lot of plain vanilla DC and agree with my daughter who proclaimed DC to be a 'very pretty' stitch all by itself. Double crochet compliments both plain colored yarn or a print, speckled or multi color yarn.. and is a stitch that helps to show off the yarn. Also, a well made DC hat, cardigan, jacket, vest and so on will show off the baby rather than the garment. It is the baby who should first receive the compliments and attention :-)