Sunday, April 29, 2007

Working on made to measure child's jacket

This week end I began working on a made to measurements, crocheted child's cardigan, jacket. This could also be a vest. After some experimenting I chose to use a size I crochet hook and half double crochet stitches for the main fabric.

I am using Red Heart Super Saver 'Sugar & Spice' ; which is one of my favorites for children and toddlers as it goes well with denim clothing and is suitable for either a boy or a girl.

Crochet fabric is often thicker and sturdier making it perfect for outer wear when a close stitch patten such as half double or single crochet is used.

You are welcome to make use of my working notes:
( Now that I have a lap top computer it can be used to jot down notes and measurments in either Note Pad or Word Pad. These can then be saved in a document folder. A tape recorder can also be used to take notes. Perhaps I will also see if there is a way to take verbal notes using the pc microphone?)


To make raglan increase: hdc-dc-hdc; and then one next increase row work increase in the DC in each increase group.

Chain 47
sc in 8, inc, sc 5, inc, sc 16, inc, sc 5, inc, sc in last 8
chain 2 ( not worked into as a stitch ); hdc in ea sc and inc in each DC ( 4 increases)
repeat above row until needed sleeve opening circumference is reached...less about one inch
form sleeve openings/armholes:
hdc in each stitch to first DC work 2 DC in the DC; skip shoulder stitches; work 2 DC in next Dc; hdc across back to nest DC; work 2 DC in the Dc; skip shoulder stitches; work 2 DC in Dc and hdc in each remaining stitch.
work body of jacket in rows of hadc until desired length

Work sleeves onto sleeve openings in the round; turning each round; shape by changing to size smaller hook 3 rounds from cuff; work sc cuff; or work sc in blo and made cuff that can be turned up.

This is a heavier cardigan/jacket; hdc is used for warmth and to create a more solid fabric.
8 hdc rows (sleeve section measures 8-inches)
on row 9 I made a hdc increase before each hdc- Dc - hdc increase.

I may not have enough of the sugar and spice yarn on hand to complete the jacket. Will know when it comes time to do the sleeves.

Also need to decide whether to do a zip up front or button up?

(When this is finished I will write out a complete recipe and share a photo)